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  1. Hola Flo!
    tenes algun producto que ayude con las bolsas pronunciadas en los ojos?
    (no son ojeras son bolsas!)

    1. Hola Xime!
      No, las bolsas son muy difíciles de tratar con cosméticos.
      Estamos justo trabajando en un producto que ayuda a disimularlas pero es un efecto óptico que dura un rato, no es tratamiento.

      Tanto el HYALU-G como el SNAP-8 mejoran la zona en general pero lejos de eliminarla o mejorarla muy notoriamente- aunque te vas a ver mejor.

  2. Hola Flo! Hace poco me diagnosticaron psoriasis pustular palmoplantar. Hay alguno de tus productos que me puedas recomendar para tratarme?

  3. Que pensas de esta crema para arrugas ?
    Crepe Correcting Body Complex helps target crepey skin from two different angles: deep cellular hydration and volumizing collagen stimulation made with: HydraFirm: A complex that combines the firming power of algae with the hydration-building and smoothing properties of lentil, apple, and watermelon rind extracts. Niacinamide: Dramatically increases collagen and protein synthesis in the skin to create a firmer, more supple skin surface. Riboxyl: increases ATP in your cells, which means increased cell energy and oxygenation. This directly leads to fewer wrinkles, significantly improved elasticity, and a stronger resistance to cellular and visible aging. This formula is specifically designed for use on the body, and can be used anywhere you’re beginning to notice crepey or wrinkling skin. Specifically, many of our Beverly Hills clients like to use it on areas like the chest, upper arms, hands, knees, and elbows, where dryness or wrinkles tend to be most pronounced. This formula is, however, an excellent solution for ANY problem area.